10% of Profit Donated to Animal Protection

Our Mission

Inspiring awareness and support for important animals

Our Story

Hi, we are Erin Chen and David Bunckenburg, animal lovers and founders of Palmy Tees. We are passionate about Animals and the Environment. Palmy Tees is our way of sharing this passion and beginning to make a real difference, more than could ever be done by only 2 people.

We create Palmy and his friends to bring love and thoughts to our important animal friends and environmental issues.

Why Palmy?

In the beginning, we have many animal options for our brand and then we learned more about how elephants are vital to ecosystems and how brutal poachers kill them. We realized that we want to start with an elephant character. That's why Palmy is born.


We believe that all animals deserve to share the planet with us humans.

We never thought we could make a difference and protect animals with just a small group of environmentalists. It's been about sharing our love and information to help everyone understand how important these creatures are and realizing they are our friends and neighbors. We hope more people can slowly transition toward an ‘Animal Matters Mindset’.

Animals are a vital part of our ecosystems in unimaginable ways. In the end, protecting them will also protect humanity.