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Elephants Are Not Bikes. Don't Ride Them!

Why We Should Not Ride Elephants?

Many people want to ride elephants during their vacation in Asia or Africa. However, not everyone knows the dark side of this popular activity. Did you know elephants are treated very badly for tourists’ pleasure? Here are some reasons why we should not ride these beautiful creatures:


To gain submission from elephants, trainers will beat the babies with clubs, pierced by sharp bull-hooks. During this process the trainers starve the elephants and do not let them sleep.

This process even has a specific name, “crushing”. It aims to break the elephants’ spirit. Most baby elephants will obey their trainers to avoid pain after being “crushed”.

Like humans, elephants can get post-traumatic stress disorder too. Especially after this kind of brutal torture.


Each night, the elephants are kept in small sheds. Chained like prisoners that can hardly move, with concrete floors which often damage their legs and feet.
“Their diets are poor and they’re usually chained when they’re not performing, denying them any opportunity to socialise naturally with other elephants, which is a key part of their life in the wild”, according to Dr Jan Schmidt-Burbach, senior wildlife and veterinary advisor from world animal protection.

The Choice Is Up To US

Now as public awareness of cruelty to captive elephants has increased, many attractions are adding words like “rescue center” or “sanctuary” to sound more humane.

This is a disguise that we need to treate with caution. Studies have shown, many of these these attractions still use the cruel training methods and deprivations.

After understanding the suffering behind elephant riding, it’s your time to make a choice. Just remember that elephants-- one of most intelligent animals in the world-- are our friends. We can always find a way to get pleasure without hurting our friends. 


We believe that all unique species deserve to share the planet with us. We love to learn and share about vital or endangered animals, which is why we made a creative outlet that can help share this message and enable us to do what we love!

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