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How Elephants are Essential to their Environments

As the human population grows and expands, a lot of animals become endangered or worse, extinct. Elephants are a great example. These majestic animals are suffering from the human expansion mostly because of the Ivory Trade. But you have to wonder, other than being beautifully majestic, what else makes them so important?


Below I have described 4 key things that elephants contribute to their local eco-systems:

  1. Path Creation

Elephants’ massive bodies trample parts of the jungle as they roam, creating clear pathways. This allows animals to explore the jungle and find new homes. They also make space for new trees and plants contributing to the forest floors a very health and prosperity. Something that is nothing short of essential in an environment like this.

  1. Creating Wells

Elephants can go up to 4 days without any water! But when required they will dig for water with their tusks and trunk to stay alive. In doing so they will enable other animals to drink that water, again contributing a life-saving activity for many species. It’s a very distinct and impressive set of benefits that these majestic animals bring to the table, and I’m always very impressed with that.

Elephant drinking from a well it dug

  1. Plant Maintenance

Elephants will eat all sorts of shrubs and trees. This helps keep plains open and it will also encourage the ecosystem to continue growing and thriving. This is pivotal for maintaining the ecosystem and we must keep it safe at all costs. It’s important for us to keep elephants alive as they are extremely helpful for the environment and we constantly discover outstanding features.

  1. Assisting Plant Growth

Elephants eat A LOT of plants, with adults consuming 200-600 pounds PER day! Their dung is full of seeds which help various plants reach new locations. That makes it easy for plants to reproduce and grow in a meaningful way. Plus a huge benefit is; all those seeds will transform into new grasses, trees and bushes, all while improving the entire ecosystem. Even the small details matter, and in this case elephants helping, yet again, with the complete expansion of various plants to the entire region.

Elephant eating a tree


As you can see, elephants have a major role in their environment. Without them it would be very hard for many animals to stay alive and expand to new regions. On top of that, they are basically the kings of every savannah and are essential for maintaining the ecosystem the way it is today. If you want our planet to stay safe and all ecosystems to retain their beauty and health, then it’s extremely important to protect elephants!


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