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Bee Swarms!

Why do bees gather together out of their hive like this?

Bee swarm

Usually swarms are seen in spring because it's about the reproductive cycle of Queen Bees. When a new Queen is hatched, she kicks her mum out of the hive and claims it as her own.
We assume that older Queen have more life experience and can build better hives quicker... Mother Queen Bee takes two-thirds of the worker-bees and finds a comfortable place nearby by to wait. Around 20-50 scout bees are sent off to find a new nest location. Fortunately this process only takes 3 hours up to 3 days, so don't worry if you see one. It will be gone soon!
Once the scout bees have returned they communicate with a cute dance and judges decide the 'level of excitement' expressed by each bee. The swarm will then travel to the best location determined by who was the most excited.

The Good news

Bee swarms on trees or objects are docile! They have no territory to protect and will do very little during their stay. Don't worry if you see them around your house. However, if they feel threatened they will sting. So, as always with bees, it best to keep your distance.


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