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Is Ivory Trade Becoming Less In 2018?

Ivory Carving

Ivory is a high standard material used in many of art pieces, furniture and other for decorative items. But it does come with a price, in this case, the lives of thousands of elephants. 
The problem is that Ivory trade has been thriving for many decades, yet nowadays more and more countries are removing themselves from the Ivory trade world. This is a good thing, because it shows that people listen and understand the problem.

Recent Progress

It’s very hard to reduce poaching, but if more and more countries start with a trade ban, we will be able to reach that place eventually. The thing to note here is that anyone that’s guilty of breaching the ban will face an unlimited fine or up to 5 years in jail in the UK. Yes, the UK is trying to implement a massive trade ban, but they will also make an exception for rare and important items that are at least a century old.


Recently, China and Hong Kong banned the Ivory trade. They stated it’s very important to protect elephants and by enacting this trade ban, the industry lost one of the major ivory manufacturers on the market. Not only that, but selling ivory in China is not legal either, and it’s a trend that we are bound to see in more and more countries as time goes by. Is it a good idea?
Absolutely, we need a way to protect the already declining number of elephants that we can find out there. In fact, the UK is preparing a major trade ban on Ivory sales, the attempt being to save as many elephants as possible, according to Michael Gove, the environment secretary.

The Current Situation

Around 20000 elephants are killed for their tusks every year, and the number of wild elephants is 1/3 smaller when compared to a decade ago. Adding in such a law is extremely important because at this rate there won’t be any elephants left on the planet in 30-40 years or less. These trade bans should also extend to other countries like the US or other European countries, but we expect this to be a great start from both China and the UK.
Whether this will solve the declining number of elephants all over the world, that’s hard to see. According to phys.org, there are some great news when it comes to the increasing elephant numbers in some African region. This, combined with the fact that ivory markets are shrinking all over the world and the fact that law enforcement is breaking up the major trafficking syndicates will certainly pay off immensely in the long term.


While we have the opportunity to save elephants from extinction, the reality is that the ivory trade is dragging things down. The only thing that we can do is to not purchase any kind of products made out of ivory. This way you show there’s no market for such a thing, and less animals will be killed in the process. But, with help from the authorities and law enforcement professionals, there are some signs of recovery, and we do have the power to save all these animals!

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